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Supply List 

Procedures for Middle School Science


1. Look up vocabulary words for each chapter. Keep them in your Central Binder *Bring them to class each day.*

2. I give the students an outline on each lesson. Keep them in your Central Binder *Bring to class each day.*

3. Vocabulary quizzes – making flashcards to use as study aids often makes the material easier. Caution: Do not wait until the night of the test to make flashcards – make a few each night as the material is covered in class.

4. Tests – Sometimes we will have a big chapter test or a test on each lesson.

5. Game Day – We will have a review day before the test. It is very important to pay attention during review.

6. Projects are given through the year, but our big project is the Science Fair.

7. Please note that I do not give a lot of written homework, but I do tell students to review each night the notes, vocabulary words and to re-read the material from the book. Good study habits can make a big difference in performance on tests.

8. Communicate with your child about grades!! I will send home mid-nine weeks averages.


Supply List

1. A spiral notebook used ONLY for science-Prefer Mead Five Star (Have pockets for notebook paper and handouts and pages do not tear out easily)

2. Pencils – regular or mechanical or erasable pens (blue or black)

3. Colored pencils

4. Science book (5th-6th will be issued on first day; 7th-8th make sure you

    buy one).

5. Good attitude and regular, prompt attendance!!!