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Supply List 

Middle School Social Studies Supply List

1. Textbook (5th and 6th grade books will be issued in class.)

2. One-subject perforated spiral notebook with pockets for each semester (2 total)

3. Loose leaf paper and folder for handouts.

    **A 3-ring binder can hold folders for each class, loose-leaf paper, and a pencil pouch - This is just a suggestion! The binder would go to each class and help the student to always be prepared!!!**

4. Pencils - regular or mechanical, Pens are allowed for work in the notebook, but all graded work must be in pencil. Highlighters can be used for note review before tests/exams.

5. Homework notebook (highly recommended for fifth graders) Any size!

    Note: Mead Five Star notebooks are great because the pages do not tear out easily.