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Dress Code
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Thursday, August 11, 2011
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Dress Code for W.A. Students Grades 5-12

  • Rules pertaining to person
    • No visible tattoos will be allowed.
    • Body piercing for boys or girls will not be permitted. The only exception being ear piercing for girls.
    • Hair should be well groomed for all students and worn above the collar for boys.
    • Boys should be clean shaven at all times.


  • Rules pertaining to dress for all students
    • Shoes should be worn at all times for safety reasons. No cleats should be worn inside the academic building or in the gym.
    • No hats will be worn during the school day except for sports during 7th period.
    • No wearing of sunglasses inside the building unless prescribed by a doctor.
    • Pants, shorts, and skirts must be worn around the waistline.
    • Mesh shirts and jerseys may be worn only if another shirt is worn underneath them.
    • Boys' shirts must be tucked in at all times except during P.E.
    • Athletic shorts may only be worn at P.E.


  • The following types of clothing will not be permitted:
    • See-through or skin tight clothing of any kind
    • Biker shorts
    • Any clothing with holes in it
    • Clothes with profanity, obscene material, and/or alcoholic name brands
    • Ripped jeans or those with holes unless patched with same material.
    • Boxer shorts
    • Cut-off shorts unless rolled up or hemmed to a reasonable length


  • Rules pertaining to dress for girls
    • Sleeveless garments must have a minimum of two inches at the shoulder strap.
    • The minimum length of girls' shorts is six inches above the knee and four inches above the knee for skirts and dresses.
    • Tank tops and halter-tops are prohibited.
      • Tank top is any shirt with scooped front and/or back neckline and armholes.
      • Halter-top is any backless shirt that ties around the neck.
    • Tops or upper body clothing must be of proper length (able to be tucked in) so that no part of the midriff is visible.
    • Girls wearing low-necked or sleeveless garments must not expose underwear nor be improperly revealing for school wear. The headmaster will make the determinations as to what constitutes "improperly revealing for school wear."


  • The AISA Appearance Policy regarding hair will be enforced during school hours and at all school functions.
    • Students may not participate in AISA state level events and/activities with the following:
      • Facial hair below the lobe of the ear and/or below the nose
      • Spiked and/or other non-traditional hairstyles deemed inappropriate
      • Unnatural and/or non-traditional coloration of the hair
  • If there is a question about what you wear to school, DON'T WEAR IT.


  • The Headmaster and faculty reserve the right to render judgment on any questionable attire and/or hairstyle not mentioned in the above stated policy or the AISA Student Appearance Policy.
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