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Cell Phone Policy
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Thursday, August 11, 2011
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The policy of Wilcox Academy is that cell phones and other electronics are not to be at school.  If parents choose for a student to have a cell phone for after school use, it must be turned off and remain out of sight during the school day. Cell phones, IPods, Kindles, Nooks or any other communication or musical device that is internet accessible CANNOT BE SEEN, TURNED ON, OR USED on campus between the hours of 8:00 and 3:00. This includes P.E. These devices will be taken up by staff and given back only to the parent(s).

Consequences for NOT following the CELL PHONE POLICY -

1st offense - $100 fine & device is confiscated for one week

2nd offense - $200 fine & a two week confiscation

3rd offense - $400 fine & a one month confiscation

Confiscated devices will remain property of the school until said time has elapsed and the fine is paid.

We understand that cell phones are part of our culture and at appropriate times and places provide a convenient service. WA staff will not look for them if students keep them turned off and put away during school.  Lost or stolen phones and electronics are not the responsibility of the school.  Students will have telephone access at all times through the office for emergencies, and parents may reach students for emergencies through the office.

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